Baby Photography

Our package for baby photography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi starts at the age of 1 month old, until 11 months old. We cater these to your needs and it is very much based on what you’re looking for.

What Split Second recommends is that the mothers can always rely on the following ages for their babies.

The best times for a baby photoshoot:

3 months: At the age of 3 months, babies start to raise their chest up, have direct contact with the camera, and give brilliant smiles for photos.

6 months: This is usually the stage when they begin to sit down without any help.

9 months: Babies can sit perfectly, and start crawling, and of course always have a beautiful smile on their faces.

11 months: They can stand up on their own by holding on to something, for example a chair, or so on.

These are the perfect stages of a baby in order to have the best results. Always keep in mind that these photo sessions should be booked according to the BEST TIME for the baby. Never on his nap time, and when he feels sleepy.

Hands-on service from some of the most talented baby photographers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

For every photoshoot, our team of experienced photographers works together with parents to make babies feel comfortable and relaxed. After all, happy babies mean we get to take photos that perfectly capture the sparkle in their eyes and their cute little smiles.

We have a selection of photography themes for both baby girls and boys that you can choose from. But if you have a special theme in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know about it so we can prepare for it in advance.

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday? We have the best 1 year old photoshoot idea for you: cake smash photography! It’s an exciting way to celebrate your baby’s milestone, and preserve their most precious moments at the same time.

Book an exclusive photoshoot for your baby today by simply messaging us on WhatsApp: 0506833316. To see more of our portfolio, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and get creative ideas for your baby’s upcoming photoshoot.