Cake Smash Photography

This is a popular one among our toddlers because frankly, who doesn’t love cake and some mess? Cake smashes are a great way to let kids enjoy their birthday cake while our talented team of photographers documents the yummy process. And please, the cake is on us.

Treat your baby to a fun and exclusive birthday photoshoot!

If cake is not the best choice for your child, then we’re happy to do a healthy fruit smash, or a colorful paint photoshoot where kids get the chance to mess around with colors where nothing is off limits.

We offer bubble baths right after a child’s cake smash photography or paint session. It’s a fun way to clean up and more reason for us to take some adorable photos. The kids love the water and are forever fascinated by flying bubbles.

Book a hassle-free photo session for your little one

We’ll prepare everything for you and your baby – from the setup and cake, to the balloons and outfits. We have beautiful photography themes you can easily choose from, or you can also request for a special theme to give your child a unique photo session and one-of-a-kind experience.

Our creative team will transform the studio to a colorful and fun place, where your baby boy or baby girl can have a wonderful time throughout the photoshoot. With balloons and bubbles all around them, baby boys and girls are bound to have an amazing time and show off their awesome smiles! And we’ll be right there to capture each and every precious moment.

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Want to celebrate your baby’s first or second birthday with a smashing photoshoot? Get in touch with our team today so we can discuss the details and book a session for you. Message us via WhatsApp at 0506833316 or email us at Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more of our creative work with babies and families.